PhotoshopImage Retouching

Don’t be too quick to toss flawed images of products or model photographs aside, nor let small imperfections ruin great photo hoots. Clipping Path Partner, today’s top qualified image editing service provider in Asia, offers advanced photo retouching service that delivers flawless images. We can effectively remove spots or blemishes from an image, and retouch product photo to eliminate the slightest marks or scratches. Leave your photo retouching to us and focus more on your business and your passion. Our highly trained and talented photo retouch technicians edit pictures in a accordion with your style and preferences to ensure we meet your entire photo editing needs.

Professional Digital Retouching Services

Also Model image retouching service is the process of finishing an image which may require detailed work to highlight the focus of that image.

In model image retouching, we try to make changes in includes but not limited to:

  • Red eye removal
  • Clearing eye whites
  • Nose Correction
  • Lips Enhancement
  • Tanning
  • Reduce double chin/ jowl
  • Reduce stray hair
  • Slimming
  • Teeth correction
  • Reduce blemish, acnes, moles and freckles.


Our most popular services are critical photo retouching in Photoshop, extreme photo retouching, pageant retouching, product retouching, face retouching, glamour retouch, portrait retouching, professional photo retouching & restoration, media photo retouching, model retouching, blemish retouching, damaged photo retouching & restoration etc.

We provide quality image editing, photo masking, clipping path and graphic design with personalized support that suit every kind of customer. Our services include advanced photo masking, color adjustments, repairing scratches, balancing the brightness and contrast and high quality photo compositing of digital images. We are in this business for over 10 years with a dedicated team of highly skilled image editors and graphic designers who can produces high end quality work.

Are you a Photographer, E-Commerce site owner, Online Retailer or Store personnel, Advertising Agency, Printing company, and Graphic Design Agency? Need expert and experienced Image / Photo Editing Services? Feel free to Request your Quote.